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Updated date: 21-09-2013 11:50:48

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Rating: 2/5
Good Cinema Group, SK Productions
Cast: Sanjeev, Rachael, Urmila Kanitkar
Music: Singeetham Srinivasa Rao
Director: Singeetham Srinivasa Rao
Producer: S Bharathi Krishna
Release date: 20/09/2013

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WELCOME OBAMA Move Hot or flop talk review

Singeetham Srinivasa Rao, the veteran director has delivered many hits and tried different genres which other director have never tried. His movies like PUSHPAKA VIMANAM, ADITYA 369 and VICHITRA SODARULU are perfect examples.

The director after a gap comes up with a novel subject in the movie form of WELCOME OBAMA and it raised many expectations due to the title. Let’s see how it goes at the BO.

The movie is actually a remake of Marathi film MALA ALAI VHHAYCHI but it wasn’t highlighted and the plot actually deals with surrogacy.

Lucy (Rachael) is an American who is in search of a surrogate mother and comes across Yashodha (Urmila Kanitkar) through a broker and they set out a deal for some amount. Yashoda who is in desperate need of money for her daughter agrees for it.

After Yashoda becomes clinically pregnant, Lucy stays with her to take care of her but, due to bad fate or whatever, Yashoda suffers a fall and Lucy suspects that the child would be born abnormal and forces Yashoda to get aborted. Yashoda being attached and emotional disagrees for abortion.

To Lucy’s surprise, Yashoda gives birth to a healthy child and Yashoda gets attached to the Son. But, Lucy returns and claims him to be her son, the rest of the story is whom does the child belong to.

Plus Points:
Though the plot is not novel, it’s been tried on Telugu screen after a long time. Urmila Kanitkar is the only saving grace in the movie and she played the role in the original version too.

Minus Points:
Other actor’s performance, everything right from to story to performances are quite irritating and boring.

An ace director like Singeetham shouldn’t have attempted such plot. The title justification is meaningless and simply a cheap attempt to gain publicity. The second half goes on and on forever and tests your patience. Racheal’s over performance is quite irritating and tests your patience and leads to frustration.

Songs are pathetic and comedy track by lyric writers Bhuvanachandra and Anant Sriram is just cheap and forgetful. There are number of loopholes in the movie, neither screenplay nor cinematography.

It’s a very bad and forgetful attempt from the legendary director like Singeetham.

Final Say:
Better stay away.

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