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Updated date: 13-04-2013 04:38:43

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Rating: 2/5
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Cast: Navadeep, Rithu Bermecha, Sri Hari
Music: Chinni Charan
Director: Karthikeya Gopala Krishna
Producer: Bathula Rattan Pandey, Diwakar Mahankali
Release date: 11/04/2013

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The story
Vasool Raja [Navadeep] is a car thief by profession. He falls in love with a girl Jaanu[ Ritu Barmecha] who is a rich girl by giving color that he is a rich businessman. The duo finally comes to a conclusion to settle in life. Navadeep plans to earn huge money by working for gang deals with illegal arms transportation. Srihari as ACP Yadav appears in the city to control the arms trade.

Is Vasool Raja alright with the arms deal? Did he marry Jaanu? What ACP’s guts, whether he is successful in controlling the arms rocket? Better watch on the screen.

The movie begins with a new way of show and entertains for about half an hour later it fails to maintain the rapid pace. The second half suddenly runs the audience into a deep neck old twist tough any scenes are progressing doesn’t lead us to any interest. The making has no novelty to create some interest. The suspense tests the mood of the audience with routine uninteresting scenes.

When a story is being made is needed to check with a hundred films whether it is there in old films. Entertainment is the reason why people watch and make films. A routine story cannot entertain. If the team of the makers misses the point the movie will fall into a ditch.

Navadeep is all strength proved as a good artist. He is lover boy and a thief with negative powers. He steals the show actually. Ritu Barmecha is romantic and played well and has proved her energy within her scope. Srihari is routine with his powerful action and he is very aggressive this time in the role of ACP. Others too played well in the movie within their parts given.

The cinematography is okay but needs more attention as the age of technique is ruling. Editing is normal; the editor could have cut of many unwanted scenes to trim up the unnecessary scenes. Dialogues are just okay. Chinni Charan’s music is okay for two songs and for BG score.

Screenplay needs better home work. Direction is alright but more care could have taken. The movie looked normal but not up to the mark. Production values are simple.

Oak you may watch the movie at your own risk. Or wait a month for DVD.

Vasool Raja Movie Theaterss, Vasool Raja Movie Latest Stills, Vasool Raja Movie Wallposters