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Updated date: 02-08-2013 05:55:47

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Rating: 2/5
Good Cinema Group
Cast: Prince, Dimple, Manasa
Music: Sai Kartheek
Director: Swamy
Producer: Maruthi Dasari
Release date: 02/08/2013

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Director Maruthi who is going strong as producer, director and direction supervisor has come up with yet another youthful love story ROMANCEwith Prince of BUS STOP fame in the lead role. Let’s see how the movie fares at BO.

Krishna (Prince) has a peculiar dream of marrying a girl who doesn’t have any affairs and boyfriends in the past and is in search of a girl who is truly virgin. In the process, he comes across a girl Lalitha (Manasa), she tests her and comes to conclusion that she’s the right girl for him but an incident changes his thoughts which lead their break up. Soon, he meets Anuradha (Dimple) and after few tests, he decides that she is the right girl but Anuradha comes to know his past with Lalitha and she decides put him few tests. What happens next is rest of the story.

Prince looks good and resembles Mahesh Babu at times. He suited the role well and delivered a decent performance.

Dimple has a native sex appeal and she is very attractive throughout the film, she did her bit and delivered good performance.

Manasa, though doesn’t have great looks, she delivered good expressions and has a good body language.

Sai tried to generate little laughter.Nothing to say about the rest of the cast.

Since his debut film, Maruthi has been labeled as director with adult comedy who purely concentrates on youth, this time around he proves it once again but the movie fails to draw the audience and Maruthi’s magic didn’t work this time.

Final Say:
It’s One time Watch Movie.

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