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Updated date: 18-05-2013 10:26:27

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Rating: 2/5
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Cast: Venu, Kamalinee Mukherjee
Music: Mani Sharma
Director: G Eswar
Producer: PV Shayam Parasd
Release date: 17/05/2013

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After a long gap Venu Thottipudi is making his comeback with the movie. Eeshwar directed the movie. Shyam Prasad is the producer. The reason for his gap is not known but he expressed his confidence to prove himself again. Let us see what the movie is.

The story:
Ramachari [Venu] is a young man who dreams to become a policeman. Due to many reasons and the departments’ corruption he failed to become a policeman but he always helps the department in his own way.

As it goes on Ramachari comes across a plot to assassinate the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Ramachari finds that Police Commissioner (Murali Sharma) is also involved in this crime. How he dons a private detective and stops from happening is the remaining story.

The movie has some comedy mixed with a crime story but seems to be a very age old story. There are some good scenes and comedy scenes to amuse the audience.

There are countless loopholes in the script and in the making. There are illogical and silly scenes. The movie runs in a slow pace and it even vexes the audience in certain points.

The comedy and the love story just support to move the story but never help to amuse the audience. The entertainment is very less.

Venu played well and looks handsome and stylish. His movements are neat and make sense. Kamalini Mukherjee just gives a little fun and her seduction may not meet the requirement. Brahmanandam is hilarious and his timing is naturally fine.

Ali is another merit for the movie his fun amuses the audiences. His timing with Ali is neat. Sharma is okay as a bad Police officer. Balayya gave a very neat performance as CM. Raghubabu and others too played well up to their part.

Cinematography is bad execution.Editing also done in a poor way.Dialogues are just for filling. BG score or the songs of Mani Sharma cannot help the movie.

Either story or screenplay has energy so the director failed to make an impressive movie. Production values are just normal.

The movie cannot give justice at full length. Watch at your own risk.

Ramachari Movie Theaters List, Ramachari Movie Latest Photos, Ramachari Movie heroine Kamalinee Mukherji Stills