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Updated date: 31-08-2013 12:55:42

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Rating: 2/5
Touring Talkies
Cast: Charmee, Rahul, Rao Ramesh
Music: SS Masam, MGK Praveen
Director: Chandu
Producer: Venkat Suresh, Sreekanth Surya
Release date: 30/08/2013

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Charmee who has been struggling to make a strong come back since long, has tried her luck with the famous role of a call girl, earlier many top heroines like Shriya, Anushka have done the same role in the past.Rahul of HAPPY DAYS fame too tried his luck as lyricist in the movie. Let’s see how the movie fares at BO.

Mallika (Charmee), a call girl fully dunk hits a man with the car and the man turns blind, she comes to know that he is a lyricist Lalit (Rahul), she decides to bear his hospital expenses and asks him to stay along with her till he gets the eye sight. In the course of time, during their staying together and with talking to her, she comes to what life is all about and also comes to know that he is in love with Swathi (Saranya) through his diary. What does she do to unite the lovers is rest of the story.

Rahul acted in few more movies like RAINBOW and MUGGURU after HAPPY DAYS, but none brought him any recognition or success, the hero tried yet another attempt, but this too is purely wasted. He is very weak in expressions and hasn’t shown any difference while with sight and while turned blind.

Saranya of TENTH CLASSis not a heroine material, though she has talent, she doesn’t have the features of a heroine. It wonders why she was picked as heroine for the film.

The film mainly promoted on the Charmi’s fame and popularity and many thought it’s a lady-oriented movie with Charmee in the lead, but her role is restricted to only 30 minut
Rao Ramesh, Chandra Mohan and Surekha Vani had done other roles, Tagubothu Ramesh is the only comedian in the movie and he too is not effective.

Music can be easily forgotten, none of the songs are worth listening. The background score is also below average.
Editing is another minus factor for this film, one wonders if the movie is been edited.

Release of the film is only a highlight

Everything right from titles to end card.

Director Chandu tried to portray the plot which is purely a poem-based with an intention of winning an award and leave the audiences weeping. One should wonder why Charmee had agreed to do the film.

Final Say:It’s an endless torture