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Updated date: 05-10-2013 03:30:06

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Rating: 2/5
Cast: Srihari, Neenu Karthika, Namitha
Music: M M Sreelekha
Director: Saha Deva DV
Producer: Sujatha Deva
Release date: 04/10/2013

Real Star Srihari who started his career as a small villain, has worked very hard to gain recognition in the industry and has grown has villain and he tried his luck as Solo Hero and has delivered few hits as well. But, he is smart enough to switch himself to character roles to survive in the industry and he’s the top most character artist these days.

He once again tried his luck as a Solo Hero for POLICE GAME. Let’s see how the movie fares at BO.

Radha Krishna (Srihari) is an honest Police Officer who gets suspended frequently for his sincerity. He is given a crucial task of Operation Drug Mafia by DGP Kota Srinivas Rao and his job is to put an end to drug sales in the Pubs which are managed by the Politicians. How does Srihari tackle them and completes his Operation Drug Mafia forms the rest of the story of POLICE GAME.

Plus Points:
Srihari has done good job as an honest Police Officer and he’s the only asset in the entire movie, Kota and the girl who played Srihari’s sister are good in their specified roles. The message is good.

No proper screenplay and there is no continuation between scenes and seems the scenes are forcibly accommodated. Picturization of the item songs are just terrible and worst.

The whole movie is predictable and most of them in the movie are new comers and there’s nothing to speak about their performances. The movie’s logic goes for a toss and not even a single scene grabs your attention. Brahmanandam who is seen in a small role failed to evoke any laughter and the debutant female lead Namitha has nothing much to showcase her talent except wearing skimpy costumes despite being a cop.

The climax is worse and tests your patience.

Technical aspects:
Poor casting, cheap production values and horrible songs, average cinematography and poor direction made the movie a big disaster.

Final Say:
You can completely avoid this movie; it’s a complete waste of time and movie.