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Updated date: 05-03-2013 12:12:20

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Rating: 2.5/5
Super Good Movies
Cast: Sunil , Isha Chawla
Music: S.A Rajkumar
Director: Devi Prasad
Producer: N.V. Prasad, Paras Jain
Release date: 01/03/2013

After a few successful movies Actor Sunil is steadily established himself as a hero in Tollywood.?The present movie is a remake of Tanu weds Manu of Bollywood. The mega Super Good movies?have been produced and Devi Prasad has directed. After a long gap S.A Rajkumar composed the music. The movie was made with planned budget within short time. The movie came to the?people for a litmus test today. let us see how the movie is.

The story:
Buchi Babu [Sunil] who has been running a Boutique in America returns to India after a long?gap. His intention is to get married to a good decent girl. As first attempt he visits Anjali [Isha?Chawala] and he instantly falls in love with her deeply. But the reply from Anjali throws him to
shock. He goes for some other possible girls but he never likes others.

Accidentally Buchi Babu meets another Anjali in a marriage with the help of his friends he?speaks with her, what happens whether Buchi Babu successful in getting the acceptance from Anjali forms the rest of the story.

The first half of the movie is fun filled and amuses the audience; it is almost a funny part for time?pass. The stiff competition between Sunil and Ravibabu is fine. The second half of the movie is filled with songs vexed the audience, and all are almost cigarette times.

Many comedy scenes are almost seen in half dozen movies. Of course the movie is basically a comedy romantic entertainer but many scenes failed due to lack of novelty.

The story is very short but it was expanded to a movie size by adding comedy and songs.

Sunil as routine can do anything as he did comedy. His dance sequences amuse any one, fights?are oaky. The hopes of the audience are satisfied.Isha Chawla is decent and did justice to her?character. Ravibabu proved once again as a good artist. He comedy timing is marvellous. Ali as?usually superb, he played well. Dharmavarapu, Ahuti Prasad and all others played up to their part.

The cinematography of Sameer Reddy is extraordinary. Editing is oaky. The dialogues are also?oaky but needs a lot of improvement. Music of SA Rajkumar up to BG score is oaky but songs are just forgettable. The screenplay needs more paper work; the story line too needed the same.

The movie is not suggestible for the season, as the movie is like an old movie.

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