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Rating: 3/5
AMR Productions
Cast: S P Balasubrahmaniam, Lakshmi and Others
Music: Veena Pani
Director: Tanikella Bharani
Producer: Anand Rao
Release date: 21/12/2012

A heart rendering tale, the story is about Appadasu (S P Balasubrahmaniam) and his wife Buchi (Lakshmi). Both are senior citizens and Appadasu is retired. They are living in their traditional home and all their children are living abroad. With no one to take care of them and the natural expectation of loneliness surrounding them, the couple never really feels like that and enjoys life in their own romantic way. How that happens forms the rest of the story.


SP Balasubramaniam and Lakshmi came with amazing performances in the roles as old couple. The expressions they gave are unique and will touch the hearts of everyone. Those who happened to watch the film will have lasting impressions of old couple as they remind them of elders living in their neighborhood


Uddav’s editing needs special commendation. He took care so that viewers patience will not be tested. Veenapani’s music has soothing effect highlighting the village atmosphere. Tanikella’s cinematography beautified the film and had mesmerising effect on movie lovers.

Final say

Midhunam Movie one time watch. Movie