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Rating: 3/5
Y NOT Studios and ETAKI Entertainment
Cast: Siddharth, Amala Paul Editor: TS Suresh Cinematography: Nirav Shah
Music: SS Thaman
Director: Balaji Mohan
Producer: S Sashikanth and Siddharth Narayan
Release date: 17/02/2012

Love Failure Movie Review - Latest Telugu Movie Reviews 2012

The movie starts with Arun (Siddharth), an technology student, reporting how he divided up with Parvathi (Amala Paul). Arun narrates how his really like for Parvathi started and what are the series of accidents that cause to his break up.

Later, Arun witnesses similar break ups in his friends way of life, and in the process, knows how badly he was dropping Parvathi all now. So what actions immediate Arun to change his ideas and how he and Parvathi come together progressively kinds the tale.?

Analysis :

Movie film movie director Balaji Mohan has come up with a different story and an eye-catching display. However, the story style was not so fast at periods progressively water down the actual substance of the amazing film. It was a well designed program and the program was up to the stage but the film does not have the style of a common amazing story as the film reveals with the cause individuality confirming about his losing really like. The film looks into mind-set of modern lifestyle of these days and how certain alternatives can cause to costly mistakes. And Balaji Mohan has followed the usb concept for creating the content and didn't improve for any film or unreasonable ineffective. A very honest and genuine attempt that is eye-catching mainly for city classification.

Siddharth now comes with story that improves on crack ups and dropping really like and Balaji Mohan as authenticated the same with this articles. Siddharth comes up with yet another genuine efficiency. His amplified body and particularly eye-catching looks make amazing effect. While the first 50 % goes magnificent and has lighting design components of insane and environment, the second 50 % gets into few changes and blends with feeling and melodrama.

TeluguOne Perspective :

Really like Unable is a fun and exclusive film which comes with an in contrast to conventional system. Siddharth once again targeted a film that provides of group market and town youthful creation - particularly the dialogues which could have been much better. Actually, they are too urbane and the defeat for a wonderful calligraphy was dropping. Amala Bob was a fantastic select for the females cause as her encounter looks fresh. They way her individuality was produced, has more relationship to the visitors. Her on-screen chemistry with Siddharth was also fantastic. Although Balaji deviated from the exclusive tale, he assured that the highways in the subplots cause to the movie’s exclusive idea.


Siddharth once again features incredibly well in the element of sweetheart boy. Looks like doing romcom reports has become a foods switch for him. Amala Bob looks apt for the personality and is the best for the women cause. She looks amazing with her effective efficiency.

Plus Points

Siddharth’s performance Amala Paul characterization Music

Minus Points

Too much drama


SS Thaman’s music is only fantastic in elements. A better background position would have definitely put the film in the latter element. Nirav Shah‘s cinematography execute is comprehensive as he has managed to take and screen amazing periods of an idealistic organization way of life. Author Suresh could have done better a job in the second 50 % as the visitors encounter the film is getting drawn-out.

Final Word:

Really like Unable movie review: Siddharth’s ‘Love Failure’ movie provides something new only with regards to design and program but the concept remains very identical.