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Updated date: 04-02-2013 04:13:07

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Rating: 2.5/5
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Cast: Gautham Karthik, Thulasi Nair
Music: A. R. Rahman
Director: Mani Ratnam
Producer: Mani Ratnam
Release date: 01/02/2013

Berchmans (Arjun) and Sam (Arvind Swamy) are getting trained to be holy priests. An unexpected event between then lead to complain against Berchmans by San to authorities finally Berchman is pused out of the church. He keeps on his mind and wants to take revenge on Sam.

Days are passed by Sam is promoted by the religious people to work among masses who are staying at fishing village. He takes care of all people. One fine day Sam happens to meet Berchmans which makes so much trouble to Sam. There is young man called Thomas who is orphan and supported by Sam and Thomas falls in love with Beatrice (Tulasi) who is beloved daughter of Berchmans. Did they get married and whether Berchmans takes revenge has to be seen on the big screen.


After directing modern epic tale Raavan which was turned to be disaster, he has taken love story with new faces. Karthik’s son Gautham and Radha’s daughter Tulasi played main leads. Arvind Swamy and Arjun played important roles in the film. A R Rahman has composed music and Rajiv Menon has cranked camera. Let’s check its prospects.


Even it is a first film for Gautham, he did a fine job and good countenance especially in emotional scenes. Tulasi delivered best in her role. Arvind Swamy as holy man is good and Arjun is the main asset for the film.


Although it is a love story, it is a best attempt by the well-known director to bring out the best message in terms of good and evil based on Bible. It is an almost the concept which revolves around good and bad. One way we can say that it is a universal concept but it is not easily accepted by Indians. Mani Ratnam is always good in shaping up story and presentation but B C centers might not give importance to watch this film.


Dialogues are good and Rajiv Menon has captured beauty of sea shore and so natural while capturing village locales of fisherman lifestyle. Maniratnam is superb with his directorial skills. Concept is unique. Music of the by A R Rahman is ultimate. Editing is perfect and screen is outstanding.

Final Verdict:

Kadali is technically good but common man may not enjoy it.

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