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Updated date: 12-04-2013 02:35:41

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Rating: 2/5
Cast: Uday Kiran, Reshma
Music: Balaji
Director: Daake
Producer: Tella Ramesh NCH Rajesh
Release date: 11/04/2013

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Uday Kiran who has proved as a good lover boy with a handful of super hits has come as action hero in this film.

He teamed up with Balaji N Sai and Tella Remesh, NCH Rajesh. The movie was made for a long to bring expected output. The movie released state wide today. Let us see what the story is!

The story
Sriram (Uday Kiran) is a cop who works sincerely. He keeps getting phone calls from unknown numbers. He starts working on it and kills without sparing any person including politicians and police

department. While Sriram on the way to goa, he meets Reshma then there is a love track. Why Sriram is getting calls and why he is killing will be the main story.

Uday Kiran is fit person for the role he proved himself as an action hero. He played well. He is stern in uniform. Aditya Menon though played well his part needs more cold and severity in action.
Chalapathi Rao once again got a good role in the movie. He played all tough enough energy.

His roughness meets the requirement. The first half takes curiosity the routine story line begins to irritate when the actual story comes on the screen. The second half is very pathetic with well known and routine scenes in about more than a hundred films. The screenplay lacks gritty ness and killed the enthusiasm. The team might have taken some better story. The comedy is not up to the expected levels.

Uday who is known for smooth and pleasant expressions he was seen in the movie through with anger and rash. He is rude even in many sequences. We feel some times that we have been watching some dubbing stuff. Many parts make us feel bad and lead us to toilet or for smoking. The movie has gives us no entertainment but keeps us in harassment. Being no song is fine with its lyrics or with its music appears to be harassing instead of entertaining. He needs to take a lot of care about his roles and stories. Actually an actor needs a lot of home work to climb the ladder of success.

Uday kiran is the top of the movie though vex us with anger and revenge. He is neat in police uniform; he looked absolutely in an action mood. He did justice to his character.

Reshma though very cute her part is very less according to the screenplay. She played well and proved within her part given to her. Aditya Menon played well but he has discomfort due to some unwanted scenes and dialogues. Chalapathi rao is quiet decent in his negative role after a great gap. Others too played well up to their roles.

The technicalities
The cinematography is very horrible with its poor technique and poor taking. Learners are ding well with the well developed latest technology these days. Editing is too bad it made the movie lengthy and boring. Dialogues are also similar to these techniques. Daake’s music neither BG nor songs are worth to the present generation. Screenplay and direction are absolutely poor. Sai needs to do a lot of home work for success.

Better to be away from the film or watch the movie at your own risk.

Jai Sreeram Movie Theaters, Jai Sreeram Latest Photo gallery, Jai Sreeram Movie Heroine Reshma Stills, Jai Sreeram Movie Hero Udhay Kiran Latest Photos