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Updated date: 09-03-2013 10:15:43

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Rating: 2.8/5
Manchu Entertainment
Cast: Aadhi, Lakshmi Manchu, JSundeep Kishan, Ravi Babu, Suja Varunee
Music: Ilaiyaraaja
Director: Kumar Nagendra
Producer: Lakshmi Manchu
Release date: 08/03/2013

Lakshmi Manchu who has been constantly working for a success has made this Love and family sentimental movie with good budget. It is actually taken from short story of a writer named BVS Ramarao of Godavari Kathalu. Kumar Nagendra has directed the movie. Adhi, Tapsee Pannu, Lakshmi Manchu and others are the top cast of the movie.

The story
Malli [Adhi] and Chitra[ Lakshmi Manchu] are a newly wed couple when
they have to fought against the disastrous flood to forget their struggle they like to share their bad versions and difficulties of their lives with each other. Malli is an honest and young fisher man who wants to buy a fishing boat of his own; he used to work under a bad mannered proud ridden owner Sambasivayya. He has daughter Sarala who wants to sleep with Adhi who is a strong energetic man. Her lust has no end when Malli fears of the consequences. The remaining episode is better to watch on the screen. Chitra too has the similar experience who has been constantly running away from her lustful owner, what happened to her is the interesting story to watch on the screen. What the duo did finally with their troubles and the disastrous flood? What happened finally is to the story to watch on the screen?

The story has taken for the movie is a lean story with realism. The making
of every scene and particularly the flood scene is extraordinary. Adhi is looked quiet natural with sturdy looking hard working innocent fisherman. He is asset for the movie. Tapsee as a lustful woman is realist again with her seductiveness, the scenes lures the section of audience. The second half of the movie suddenly became dull with needless love story and extra required length. The climax scenes are simply predictable by any audience these days. There are gaps unexplained. The lustful love story in between Adhi and Tapsee is left amidst without a conclusion?

Adhi is fully energetic his is sturdy, rough and natural he played well and did justice to his character. Lakshmi Manchi played well and proved herself with natural skill of acting. Tapsee too played well with her seductiveness, lust; she did justice to her character. Sandeep Kishan too played well decently. Others too played well up to their roles.

The cinematography of ML Palanikumar is extraordinary in showing the
natural richness in every frame from every part of the movie. Editing needs some more attention. The dialogues are good enough to listen and remember too.

Watch once if you are interested for a different experience from the routine.

Gundello Godari Movie Review

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