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Updated date: 18-10-2013 10:47:27

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Rating: 3/5
24 Frames Factory
Cast: Vishnu Manchu, LavanyaTripathi
Music: Mani Sharma
Director: VeeruPotla
Producer: Mohan Babu
Release date: 17/10/2013

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Manchu Vishnu though has been 10 years since he entered into the industry, he hardly had any hits, first it was DHEE which gave him the first break and it took over 5 years for him to score the second hit in the form of DENIKAINA READY. With D sentiment working in his favor and Brahmanandam turned out to be lucky mascot for him, he comes out with yet another comedy entertainer DOOSUKELTHA. Let’s see how the movie fares at BO.

The movie starts with voice over given by Ravi Teja. Chinna (Vishnu) is a street smart guy who is very kind and helps the people in need. In one of the situations, he helps Dr., Alekhya (Lavanya) and he being smitten by her beauty starts liking her instantly and tries all his best ways to woo her. Alekhya gets harassed by Ravi Prakash and Delhi RajeshwarRao tries to kill her for her property. Chinna keeps her saving all the time from them. What is the relation between Alekhya and Delhi RajeshwarRao and does Alekhya falls in love with Chinna is the rest of the story.

Director Veerupotla managed to bring in the freshness in the movie and has made the movie entertaining.

Vishnu has improved a lot in acting, dances as compared to his previous movies. Music scored by Mani Sharma is ok. Background score is also good. Comedy scenes between Brahmanandam and Vishnu are the highlight for the movie.

Everything is fine in this movie right from direction to music, but the only minus factor seems to be the heroine LavanyaTripati,she’s neither good at acting nor glamorous. She appeared as if she’s new to acting. Rest of the cast performed as per their roles.

Final Say:
The movie is full-time comedy entertainer and it’s no less when compared to DHEE and DENIKAINA READY.