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Updated date: 18-05-2012 11:12:07

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Rating: 3.1
Creative Commercials Media
Cast: NTR, Trisha, Karthika, Suman, Nazar, Brahma Nandam, Venu, Kota Srinivas Rao, Bhanupriya, Abhinava, Ali, Ahuti Prasad, etc...
Music: M.M. Keeravani
Director: Boyapati Srinu
Producer: Alexander Vallabha
Release date: 27/04/2012

?NTR Dammu Movie Review - Mass Masal Picture - 2012 Telugu Movie Blockbuster - Hot Actress Karthika and Sexy Trisha - Director Boyapati Srinu Cinema

The story starts with a flashback about the oppositions between two families in a Village. Suman (Vasi Reddy) family and Nasser family involve in killing each others family members for dominant power in village. In this regard, Vasi Reddy near family gets killed and this makes Nasser an Village go for the next 25 years.

Coming to the present, Rama Chandra (NTR) is adopted by Veera Durgam (Kota Srinivasa Rao) way of Vasi Reddy and is known as as Vijaya Dwaja Simha. How does he win the hearts? of the village people and put an end to the reach in village types the heart.


Jr.NTR is amazing in his element as consistent by providing his 100%. ?NTR has rocked as an allrounder with his fights, dialogues, dances and in emotional scenes. NTR’s accessibility is effective and is a cure to his lovers. He is excessive in his activity in action periods which creates it intresting. He has done full justice to his character in the Movie. Boyapati raised NTR’s image to the best possible.

Trisha examined a bit old but she was verified in a hot and eye-catching individuality and she has done a cost-effective job.

Karthika is ravishing and her dances are quite amazing. But both the heroines had no possibility of efficiency rather than cleansing amazing opinions on men cause.

Both Actresses not good by pairing with NTR.

Suman is decent, Nazar and Bhanupriya fit their expenses definitely. Venu is very good; Abhinaya is awesome, Ali, Brahmanandam, Ahuti Prasad, Kota Srinivas Rao and others are adequate.

Technical Analysis

Boyapati’s direction is amazing while the film program could have been better. Ram-Lakshman’s fight is amazing. Choreographers never utilize such an amazing expert professional dancer like NTR. There are few Emotional Scenes that have excellent, but on a whole - ?Boyapati didn't stay up to the hype.



Dammu is an age old story which provides huge visitors. The family sentiment place given to the system is not proved helpful well. ?First half starts on a amazing to see and places the thoughts. But the film isn't able to sustain the rate after ten moments. Only the period avoid is good in whole first time unless the beginning times.

Second half ?is not up to the level again. There are up and down ?until the climax. And the finishing periods are terribly developed. ?Dammu does not have the necessary energy and impact to stone the box office.

NTR Fans will like the film for his awesome efficiency and guests who like so known as effective massy periods may offer thumbs up. It does not have the necessary components that enthrall the team. Family guests and some women may not like this huge masala cure with a fantastic discuss of strike.

Dammu will get amazing openings for sure and has an amazing position of two a few several weeks to the box office. We have to wait and see if it can maintain until another biggie comes.


Final Verdict

Dammu's biggest strength is NTR and Its complete Mass Audience Picture…