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Updated date: 15-03-2013 10:52:22

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Rating: 2/5
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Cast: Mahat Raghavendra, Piaa Bajpai
Music: Shekar Chandra
Director: Govardhana Krishna
Producer: Pratap Kalagatla
Release date: 15/03/2013

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Many real life stories are pictured into movies and became successful. Madhura Sredhar takes the same kind of real story line and made the movie. Mahat Raghavendfra, Pia Bajpai. ASrchana kavi played the top characters in the movie. Sunil Kashyap composed the sound track for the movie. Let us see the fate of film.

The story
Karthik [Mahat Raghavendra] cares not his education after joining the Engineering College. He behaves careless and negligent and takes his career easy. But falls in love with a beautiful girl Priyanka (Archana kavi) . He fails in many subjects which is not possible with any student to pass all of them in a single attempt.

After the end of the course Priyanka leaves to US for further education. There comes a gap in between Karthik and Priyanka. Parents of karthik came to know about his poor studies there breaks a fire in the middle class family. Karthik has to depend on himself and goes for a search for his job.

From the beginning he has skill of hacking the sites in a legible way. Chaitra (Pia Bajpai) helps him to get a Job, and they fall in love each other in the later part. But Priyanka returns from US. What happens next is the remaining story.

The movie has begun very beautiful. Though the story is a real one lacks the novelty due to routine scenes. Pia Bajpai is the real asset for the movie she is beautiful and played well. Ali’s comedy is a relief to the audience from the disappointing scenes. Archna kavi is equally decent and played naturally.

The movie doesn’t make in the present way of films. Either the standards or the scene are optimistic. Dullness and slow pace of narration has killed the curiosity of the audience and leads the audience to vexation.

The BG score is a big noise that has taken the voices of the artists. In fact every dialogue of importance has swallowed the Back ground music and made it unheard to the audience.
The greatest disadvantage for the movie is Mahat Raghavendra with expressionless countenance, unskilled acting. Apart from interest an actor needs a lot of hard work.

Mahat Raghavendra lacks facial expressions; he did not play in a required way. PArchana kavi is okay with her natural movements and dialogue versions. Pia Bajpai is the real cute part of the movie and she played well up to the mark. Brahmanadam keep us in a poor drama without making us laugh though he played well. Ali’s part is fine. Others played well up to their parts.

The cinematography of Prasad Gk is poor and there are many blurs and darks unnecessarily. Editing too failed unexpectedly. Sunil Kashyap’s music is absolutely thrown away the movie into unexpected depths.The screenplay and direction of Madhura Sreedhar is nothing but a bad for the movie.

Poor narration and execution match up to present generation.

Back Bench Student Movie Latest Stills

Back Bench Student Movie at Muse Art Photo Gallery

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