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Updated date: 26-08-2013 10:12:46

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Rating: 2/5
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Cast: Vennela Kishore, Priyanka Chabra
Music: Chinni Krishna
Director: Lakshman Gangarao
Producer: Amanrendher Reddy, Jagadeesh Chandra
Release date: 23/08/2013

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Kishore Athadu Aame O Scooter Review

Vennela Kishore is becoming popular these days as comedian, with Sunil turned as hero and Venu Madhav almost faded out, Vennela Kishore found as an alternative to many film makers. The comedian instead of trying to establish himself as comedian, he did a film called ATHADU AAME O SCOOTER as hero, let’s see how the film fares at BO.

Govinda Raju (Vennela Kishore) is a free-spirited guy who roams around without any work in Bheemavaram town. His careless and irresponsible attitude irritates his uncle and doesn’t accept him as son-in-law. Govinda Raju feels insulted and decides to marry a beautiful and better girl than his uncle’s daughter.

As everything goes smoothly, lucky surprises him by a strange rule. What is that rule and what happens to the hero’s dream, whether he succeeds in gaining his dream girl and what is the role of Scooter in the movie is rest of the story.

Plus Points:
Vennela Kishore has given a decent performance as usual and Tagubothu Ramesh entertained in few scenes. Dhanaraj too entertained in few scenes and few hilarious dialogues in the movie.

Minus Points:
The heroine Priyanka Chabra is a big minus for the movie, she has to improve a lot as an actor. The movie runs at a very slow pace, second half is quite boring. The plot is quite stale and predictable.
Though Cinematography is decent, screenplay and direction are below average and the director has failed to prove himself.

Final Say:
Though the movie released without any expectations, it’s obvious that it may not pull the crowds, better to stay away from it.