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Bifurcation affects the fate of Top heroes

Ever since the government announced the bifurcation of AP, many suspicions have been doing rounds on the fate of top hero’s films:
* The movies of star heroes may be imposed high taxes, rentals and slabs.
* It would be a tough task to get the permissions for the movies' shoots in different places of Telangana.
* No.of prints of a star hero's movie may be limited to a certain number.
* Star heroes may lose their charisma as the people are dividing regional wise.
* There will be reservations and wide range of support to local actors rather than star heroes.

* Fortunately, cine industry is a place where talent only matters but nothing else. Especially, one should possess a very great talent to become a star hero. So, there is no chance of any kind of reservations here. The best example is Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan were born in different states in India. However, they turned out to be 'Mumbai Kaa Heroes'. If that is the case, even Rajinikanth, Tamil Superstar, is a Maharashtrian.
* Star heroes are like money machines for the distributors, film makers and the exhibitors. So, even if the government tries to take any aggressive decision, there will be severe agitations from above people.
* Last but not the least; the central government is bringing an act to the people who live in Hyderabad. As per this, nobody should use the word 'Settlers'. Those who possess voter identity cards are called locals.

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